Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Magic Purse!

This is my trusy sidekick! it hold all my crap! and i must say that this is a pretty big purse! but i must admit that i was AMAZED at it capacity last night! it all started when willy and i decided to go see a movie. so he came and pick me up from work. we were both a little hungry so we wanted "real" food for the movies and just figured i would stash it in my purse! so we went to Smiths and started looking around. We found: 1 deli sandwich, a bag of quaker rice cakes (apple cinnamon flavor), Sugar cookies with do it yourself frosting and sprinkles, a bowl of fruit pineapple and kiwi's, and a Fiesta chicken salad! This was our dinner and we figured it could all fit in my purse. We get to the theater and start loading up my purse and it was bulging! willy thought we were going to get caught! ha he of little faith! needless to say we got through just fine and had a wonderful meal! :) luckily for us it was a 10:15 show on a Monday night so there were not many others to witness our crime! and in our defense we did buy some cherry coke from the theater.

Here is a picture of our contraband!