Monday, December 15, 2008

Trippin' Road Style!

California here we come, right back where we started from CALIFORNIA! HERE WE COME! As we left thursday night that is what me and Willy were singing at the top of our lungs!
Willy went had to go to California to try out for the Ventura county Fusion! (its a semi pro soccer team) So i thought i would tag along for the ride! Ventura was beautiful! we arrived friday night around 4:30 but... we made a few shopping trips first! :] we stopped to get gas about 50 miles out of Vegas in a tiny place called Primm Valley. There were 2 casinos a roller coaster and my favorite... A fashion mall! The best part was... It was all OUTLET stores! yay! I fell in love there! They has a Juicy Counture outlet and it took Willy a good long time to get me out of there! i could have spent all day in there! Plus they had the purse i have been eyeing there, and who am i to pass up a good deal?! i mean this purse was practically begging me to take it home so... I did!
Then we continued happily on our way... When we reached Ventura the view was amazing! We hurry and checked in to the hotel and walked down to the beach! we took a walk on the boardwalk and ran down in the sand til i was dark! we went to In and Out Burger. (it was Willys first time in cali and everyone needs to eat there at least once!)

The next day Willy went to tryouts and YAY! He had made the first cuts so he got to go back on sunday! Saturday afternoon we went down to the beach again to play and take pictures...

It was REALLY windy but still a lot of fun!

Later that night we Discovered this cute little main street with a lot of cool little shops and decided to check it out! (here is the part where i was in heaven) They had the cutest stores! I couldnt help but buying a few things! The Street was lined with palm trees and had lights hanging through the streets!

This was the Cutest little town and we had the best time! the trip was short but it was so much fun!

** We dont know if Willy made the team yet, they said they would call around christmas to let us know! We are so excited and hoping for the best! :]