Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh ya know... Just Cleaning The House!

My roommate Emily and I are... easily distracted. (: A few nights ago we went to Wal-Mart for some zip ties and came home with beautiful masks!

We got a little carried away in the Halloween section (: So to justify the best 5 dollars we ever spent we have been wearing them around the house... The first night we had them we watched prince of Persia in our living room... wearing our masks. Then next afternoon after we were both off work and we cleaned the house... wearing the masks. Ill tell you cleaning the kitchen was much more enjoyable while wearing our masks! Then we sat on the couch and tried to have a serious talk but we both kept busting out laughing because its just so hard to take each other seriously in these masks. We both agree and I'm sure you will to... BEST 5 BUCK EVER SPENT!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

So Long Sweet Summa!

To say goodbye to summer Jake and I had one last campfire :] We roasted hot dogs and made smores! (for those of you who know me well you know I'm not a huge hot dog fan but something about sitting by the fire and eating a juicy delicious hot dog... MMM! Maybe its all the fire roasted goodness!

Since we are a couple of goobers this picture is retarded! :]
(okay... mostly I'm retarded)

Not gonna lie I'm looking forward to fall! watching the leaves change and for it to cool down a bit but mostly I'm excited for the clothes! The cute jeans, flats and old man sweaters! mmmyes! :]

On another note...

I made a sign for my brother Matt's missionary homecoming.

Who says cheerleading is nothing you will use after high school?! Check out this KILLER sign I made with my mad painting skills I got from 4 years of making signs for EVERY school event! :]

Okay... so not the best picture but trust me the sign is AWESOME! :] haha!