Friday, September 17, 2010

So Long Sweet Summa!

To say goodbye to summer Jake and I had one last campfire :] We roasted hot dogs and made smores! (for those of you who know me well you know I'm not a huge hot dog fan but something about sitting by the fire and eating a juicy delicious hot dog... MMM! Maybe its all the fire roasted goodness!

Since we are a couple of goobers this picture is retarded! :]
(okay... mostly I'm retarded)

Not gonna lie I'm looking forward to fall! watching the leaves change and for it to cool down a bit but mostly I'm excited for the clothes! The cute jeans, flats and old man sweaters! mmmyes! :]

On another note...

I made a sign for my brother Matt's missionary homecoming.

Who says cheerleading is nothing you will use after high school?! Check out this KILLER sign I made with my mad painting skills I got from 4 years of making signs for EVERY school event! :]

Okay... so not the best picture but trust me the sign is AWESOME! :] haha!


Norma said...

Jade! I Love the sign... You should list that skill on your resume..:)