Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jake & Jade

As Jake and I get closer to our 1 year I have been thinking a lot about how we became J&j. I don't love this story and wanted to share it with you guys! We were both working at the Costco. I had a friends of a guy who worked at Costco who said to me one day "Rob said his friend Jake that you work with thinks your hot." All i could think was "Who is Jake?" So for about 2 weeks when I was walking into work i would look at name tags but could never find Rob or Jake. Who are these mystery guys? haha! So one night I went with my friends to this Rob's house. When he opened the door I was like OH ROB... It all came together but I still wasn't sure who Jake was. Rob and I became really good friends. I would go over everyday after work and we would have mad adventures. Finally I figured out Jake was the produce boy. I went over to produce everyday to buy stuff for my dept and I never knew that cute boys name because he never wore his name tag because while he was stocking it would get caught in boxes. From there on out I would talk to Jake in the mornings and I started to tell him about about my troubles with Willy and we just talked about life. :)

I remember one conversation right before I was supposed to leave to Germany and I was struggling. I was trying to make things work with Willy and it just didn't feel right. Jake just looked at me and said why don't you leave him then you don't deserve that your a nice girl. I was touched that this friend from work thought i deserved better. It was easier to tell a stranger my problems then someone who knew Willy and I as a couple. When I came back from Germany (it was a Sunday and Jake and I were both closing) It was slow so we had lots of time to talk. He asked how Germany was and all I could say was UGH! Willy and I fought the whole time. I told Jake about this huge fight Willy and I had on this bridge and Jake just said you know your not trapped you can leave any time you want. From then on that thought started to cross my mind more and more. I knew in my heart Willy and I shouldn't be together so why was I staying?

A few more weeks passed and i would go talk to Jake in the mornings. I started to like him but things were a mess with willy and I . Then one Thursday night I get this text from Rob and he says Jake and I are going to party and we want you to come. ( i had to be to work by 6:30 the next morning so I said no. So Rob gave Jake my number and Jake tried to talk me into going with them. I still said no. Jake said fine. We are all doing something next Friday and you have to come.

The next Saturday Rob had a party at his house. I asked Willy if he wanted to come and he said No. Then later he was like wait who is going to be over at Robs house? I told him and as soon as I said Jake's name Willy was like "I'm coming" So we went at like 9:30 and were hanging out having a good time. Jake showed up and Rob, Jake and I went up to Robs room and talked for about an hour. They were mad because Willy had said some not nice things to me in front of everyone and both Rob and Jake were like you don't need that. Around midnight Willy said he was ready to go home. So Rob and I drove him home and I got out of the car gave him hug and was like okay ill see you later and he was mad because I was going back to the party. So I went back and had a good time just hanging out and talking to everyone :]

The next day was a Sunday and Jake and I both closed at work. He asked how Willy took it that I stayed at the party after he went home. I told him not well and how all Sunday morning Willy had text me and was really mad. I told Jake I had made up my mind and I was going to end things with Willy. It didn't feel right and neither of us were happy anymore. Jake didn't believe that I would really do it! Little did he know...

The next morning Jake and I both opened. I told Jake that I broke up with Willy. He asked if i was okay. I was I felt relief. 3 days later Jake and I went on our first date. We went swimming and had a good time. 2 Dates and one week later we had our first kiss. Funny enough it was in the Costco parking lot after a date. At the time I lived with my parents and he lives in P.G. When we would go on dates it would be easier for me to meet him in Lehi because I felt bad making him drive to Saratoga back into town for a date then back to Saratoga then back to P.G.

For about a month he was what we called "the half ass boyfriend" we had talked and decided that we weren't dating anyone but each other but we didn't have "the title" then it was Sunday November 22 (happy birthday mom) and we both got off work at 10 then went to breakfast. When he was dropping me back off at my car we had the DTR. (determine the relationship) and decided that he was the boyfriend. I was SO shocked he brought up the talk because he was putting off the I don't want a girlfriend vibe. It was pretty confusing we were only dating each other but weren't together. We have talked about it since then and have decided that the whole "half ass boyfriend" time we were together so we count Oct. 22 as our official date! :]

What I found out after we started dating is that he liked me forever and everyone would tease him and tell him to ask me out. If he ever was caught looking in my direction someone would yell "shes got a boyfriend!" and Jake would laugh and say "give me time!" Even my department would call him my work boyfriend and I would roll my eyes and say "No way! He's not my type! I don't like cocky boys! " I was totally oblivious that he liked me.

He makes me so happy! :] He is always making me laugh and is the nicest guy I've ever met. He never is disrespectful or makes me feel bad. We have so many fun adventures and I sure am a lucky girl! Not saying that we haven't had our arguments and our ups and downs but we always make it through and are happy as ever. He is my best friend and I can tell him everything. Hes everything i want and more!