Friday, August 28, 2009

Biking In Germany!

Okay so I have to admit it has been about... 10 maybe 11 years since i have been on a bike. So last night Willys aunt said that I could borrow her bike while we are here so Willy and I can go in to town easier! So we picked it up rode our bikes home and everything was fine! This morning we went to ride into town and from that10 min. ride from yesterday made my butt is really sore! So this morning we are riding into town and i passed about 3 people smoking while riding there bikes...WTF! (what the fire) Who the crap does that? Im huffing and Puffing along add smoking while I ride and I would probably keel over! Mind you these are not slim or fit people. These are old people with guts!

Here is Willy and I Riding our bikes. yes I did take that picture and no I didnt crash!

Here is what we have been up to!


Out With Friends! Annemarie and I

Willy, Jonas, max

Der Magdeburger Dom!

Its Beautiful and its over 800 years old! All stone and the detail is amazing! I love this place!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Willkommen in Magdeburg!

After a 24 hour trip for SLC to FRA we have finally arrived in Willys hometown! We have been having alot of fun and have been very busy! Here are some of our highlights!

-Didnt sleep on the flight, I had 2 hours sleep in 37 hours!

-About 12:30 or 1 am every morning here Willy and I are on the hunt for food! Its dinner time back home and even though we ate already we are hungry!

- Driving from Frankfut to Magdeburg (about 3 hours) we passed a truck that had Füherer Gardens on the side! Who knew Hitler was a gardener?!?

- Ate my first real German meal! Provided by Opa Manfred and Oma Doris!

-Visited Der Magdeburger Dom! It was the first gothic cathedral to be built on German soil! it stands 120 meters long and 101 meters tall! This is by far my favorite place!

-Ate my first Döner... I have mixed feelings its good but not AMAZING like Willy and Max promised it would be!

- Everywhere we go and have to order something Willy makes me order myself! So I have orderd in German a few times!

- I know you are all dying to know... There is no Diet Dr. Pepper here! Life Almost came to a halt when... i discovered Coca-cola lite. Its alot better then Diet coke in America!

- This is the second time i have wrote this blog... Willys home computer is old, slow, and like to do tis own thing...
I would add some pictures to show you all this cool stuff, but I have just discoverd... This computer does not like to upload! :) I will try to put some up later but.. no promises that it will work!  

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Diet Doctor!

Its the very eve of my trip to Germany... My German and I are packing our suitcases... We decide we need drinks, so we hop in the car to go to the gas station... I get of course i diet Dr. Pepper with a shot of regular Dr. pepper, he gets an iced tea (like always)... Life is GOOD! ... Driving back from the gas station my German turns to me and says the most devastating thing... "I don't think we have Diet Dr. Pepper in Germany." I don't know how to take this information. My Diet doctor is my drug! I need it daily! Sometimes more than once! So for the next 3 weeks I'm going cold turkey, maybe i can try to replace where the diet Dr. once was but... there are NO substitutes! So Whoever picks us up on Sept. 12 i hope your have a cold one waiting for me!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just MY Luck!

Its 17 days and counting until I leave for Germany and Paris! yay! I think it was last Thursday... there Willy and I were with our friends Bree and Brian hiking up this mountain to this waterfall in PG. we were all taking pictures and having a good time! (no harm was done to my camera) haven't dropped it, it didn't get wet, NOTHING!) well the next day I go to take a picture and... This!

This is what I see! It makes a funny buzzing sound before it turns on and AHH! So now I have 17 days and counting to buy a new camera for what is going to be the best trip ever! But really my camera couldn't have broken like next month or something? It just had to be now because that's just my luck! :]