Monday, December 15, 2008

Trippin' Road Style!

California here we come, right back where we started from CALIFORNIA! HERE WE COME! As we left thursday night that is what me and Willy were singing at the top of our lungs!
Willy went had to go to California to try out for the Ventura county Fusion! (its a semi pro soccer team) So i thought i would tag along for the ride! Ventura was beautiful! we arrived friday night around 4:30 but... we made a few shopping trips first! :] we stopped to get gas about 50 miles out of Vegas in a tiny place called Primm Valley. There were 2 casinos a roller coaster and my favorite... A fashion mall! The best part was... It was all OUTLET stores! yay! I fell in love there! They has a Juicy Counture outlet and it took Willy a good long time to get me out of there! i could have spent all day in there! Plus they had the purse i have been eyeing there, and who am i to pass up a good deal?! i mean this purse was practically begging me to take it home so... I did!
Then we continued happily on our way... When we reached Ventura the view was amazing! We hurry and checked in to the hotel and walked down to the beach! we took a walk on the boardwalk and ran down in the sand til i was dark! we went to In and Out Burger. (it was Willys first time in cali and everyone needs to eat there at least once!)

The next day Willy went to tryouts and YAY! He had made the first cuts so he got to go back on sunday! Saturday afternoon we went down to the beach again to play and take pictures...

It was REALLY windy but still a lot of fun!

Later that night we Discovered this cute little main street with a lot of cool little shops and decided to check it out! (here is the part where i was in heaven) They had the cutest stores! I couldnt help but buying a few things! The Street was lined with palm trees and had lights hanging through the streets!

This was the Cutest little town and we had the best time! the trip was short but it was so much fun!

** We dont know if Willy made the team yet, they said they would call around christmas to let us know! We are so excited and hoping for the best! :]

Sunday, November 30, 2008

check it out!

i found a cool video on youtube for twilight its on my video bar and its the 2nd
video down!


Last Sunday i went to see twilight with my German, my best friend Bree and her boyfriend Brian. i was expecting alot and at first when i saw it i must admit that i was kinda disappointed but after i had time to think about it I decided that I LOVED IT! Even though my friends didn't feel the same way especially my German who said it was probably the dumbest movie ever! i still loved that movie! at first i did not like boy they chose to play Edward but i must admit as the movie went on he became more handsome! I cant wait til it comes out on video and you better believe i will be there opening night with all the 40 year old ladies (no offense mom) in their twilight shirts to see the next one!

I'm also going to try and read all the books again because they are sooo good! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It Heppened AGAIN!

you all remember the post about Steve Daddy... well my friends it happened AGAIN!! it had been a long long long morning to work and i got to school and was in a rush to get to my class because i had to work so late! Walking towards me is a guy in a white hoodie and hat, he has the little soul patch just like the real Steve Daddy! i get excited to see my uncle so i make a B-line for him give him a playful punch in the arm when i realize this guy is not my uncle! i have never been given such a funny look in my life! So just like last time i said "sorry i thought you were my uncle" then he gave me an even stranger look and walked off! i have come to a few conclusions
1. I need my eyes checked.
2. There are a lot of guys walking around who look like the real Steve Daddy
3. The real Steve Daddy is hiring guys that look like him to run around campus and see how many times he can fool me!
Steve Daddy I'm asking you to please stop hiring those guys to walk around campus! This is getting out of hand! :]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Magic Purse!

This is my trusy sidekick! it hold all my crap! and i must say that this is a pretty big purse! but i must admit that i was AMAZED at it capacity last night! it all started when willy and i decided to go see a movie. so he came and pick me up from work. we were both a little hungry so we wanted "real" food for the movies and just figured i would stash it in my purse! so we went to Smiths and started looking around. We found: 1 deli sandwich, a bag of quaker rice cakes (apple cinnamon flavor), Sugar cookies with do it yourself frosting and sprinkles, a bowl of fruit pineapple and kiwi's, and a Fiesta chicken salad! This was our dinner and we figured it could all fit in my purse. We get to the theater and start loading up my purse and it was bulging! willy thought we were going to get caught! ha he of little faith! needless to say we got through just fine and had a wonderful meal! :) luckily for us it was a 10:15 show on a Monday night so there were not many others to witness our crime! and in our defense we did buy some cherry coke from the theater.

Here is a picture of our contraband!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Watch Out For GANGSTAS!

I know this is not the greatest picture but underneath it really says watch out for gangstas! Me and Willy went to the REAL Salt Lake soccer game on Saturday and when we were walking down to the stadium this was on the sidewalk! I laughed for about 5 min and made Willy take a picture on our way back to the car! The best part is that they sprayed the picture right by where the trax pass! So i guess it was a fair warning right?! The game was fun. we went on a big group date with a bunch of boys from Willy's soccer team. Lucky us it didn't rain til the end but... i froze anyways. it wasn't quite as exciting as the David Beckham game! He was very YUM! But all in all it was a fun night even though we lost! :]

We sat right next to the supporter section! NOT a good idea if you have little kids and don't want them hear bad words! lol! They kept lighting off all these smoke bombs and it was cool to watch all the colors, but i could have done without the smell!

Me and my German enjoying the game!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My German!

This is my German!

He is the best boyfriend ever! He is my best friend and he is always there when i need him! He can always make me laugh, even on the grumpiest day of my life! I know that when we are together we are always going to have a good time! We have been together about a year and a half and things never get old! All our funny jokes and stories are still well... funny! He is such a good influence in my life! Its nice to have a partner in crime, to know that someone always has my back and i can tell him my secrets and they wont be all over town! lol!

He has done so much for me since we have been together! I appreciate everything he has done and i love him with my whole heart! I know that we still have many fun adventures to come!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here it goes, i have been tagged!

10 years ago I:

1. I was 8

2. Discovered i do not like milk!

3. Doing gymnastics

4. Worrying that i was to tall and to chubby for my age!

5. I was baptized.

5 Things on today's to-do list:

1. Study my German homework.

2. Read for American Heritage.

3. Go to my Germans soccer game.

4. Fill out my payment plan for tuition.

5. Clean my room!

Snacks I enjoy:

1. Movie theater popcorn.

2. quakers rice cakes apple cinn flavor!

3. Swedish fish

4. Rice crispy treats

5. peachy O's

(noticed just now that I'm not to healthy!)

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire:

1. Pay off my tuition!

2. travel!

3. buy a silver mini cooper with a hard top!

4. buy a house!

5. go on the largest shopping spree ever!

5 places i have lived:

1. Arizona

2. Gma Bronsons

3. the Lehi house.

4. the Saratoga house.

5. the basement of the Saratoga house!

5 jobs i've had:

1. Sno Shack Lady

2. Firehouse carwash

3. American Eagle (my least favorite) loved the store and discount hated the people there!

4. La lehi bakery! (totally my favorite!)

5. Costco!

I tag:





Friday, September 12, 2008

Will the real Steve Daddy please stand up?!

A few days ago i was at my grandmas house and my aunt Julie was there asking me how i was liking school so far, blah blah blah! Then she told me that her hubby Steven was going to school to. Then about 2 days ago i was walking from my german class down to meet willy. i was up in the valley view room when i spotted him! Steven Lamar Eldredge! He was sitting at a table he talking to some people, and he was wearing his white american eagle hoodie, i knew it had to be him, so when i got closer i said excitedly! STEVE DADDY! HI! To my horror the guy that looked up was NOT my uncle! DOH! so there i am with about 20 people staring at me because i had said it louder than i had meant to, and no one was saying a word. Everyone was just staring at me. then i said "you look like my uncle." still complete silence... more silence, and with it growing more and more awkward, and everyone still just staring at me, i just look around and said... "Welp! See ya later!" and walked away.

only after did i remember that Julie had said he comes at like 7pm! but wait! it gets better! waiting on one of the benches waiting for willy to meet me for lunch some boy walks by and says "Hey I know you! Your the girl with the uncle! I wish i could say this kind of thing was uncommon for me but really its the story of my life!

So will the real Steve Daddy please stand up?!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Living the Costco Dream

My story begins in my bed at 5:20 am! im trying to wake up slowly because i have to be to work at 6:30. when my phone starts buzzing! Who has the nerve to be calling at this hour. so i roll over and look at my phone, its Costco. My first thought is don't answer but then i thought i better. I answer, this is how it goes.

Jade- (groggily and slightly irritated) Hello?

BJ- Hey Jade this is BJ from Costco, your opening person called in sick. can you be here in 20 min?!

Jade- .... Uh... yea it will take me 20 min from my house and im in bed so i can be there in a half hour.

BJ- Okay thanks!

Jade- yep. see ya


Only a half hour earlier but... i have never opened alone before, anywho. I arrive at work and the cases for the deli had been cleaned... i don't know how to put them together! DOH! I slowly start figuring it out when Mike comes. (Mike is my new supervisor and hasn't quite got the hang of things!) So im telling mike what to do! so we get going and i check the schedule to see who is coming in next! DOH! its Dakota! another new person who still hasn't got the hang of things. his favorite subjects are working out, how he likes to drink and... oh yea working out! So he gets there im telling my supervisor and Dakota what to do and there is a knock at the deli door. i answer it and its one of the ladies on the floor. She came to tell us that one of our ovens is overflowing with water and there is a puddle on our floor! DOH DOH DOH!!! so i go into check it out and i think by puddle she meant a small lake. it turns out Dakota put the tinfoil on the ovens before they were done cleaning! AHH! FINALLY it was time for me to go home. Im walking to the front and i see Brian he stops to say hi, our conversation goes something like this:
Brian- Hey jade how are ya?
Me- (sarcastically) oh just wonderful!
Brian- Yea just living the Costco dream huh?

Yes Yes i am! just living the Costco dream! DOH!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The time has come!

Well... After reading all of my aunts and my mothers blog for months and months i decided to get in on the action! i knew it was time to create my own when i would be driving around and find myself thinking "if i had a blog i would totally write about this." so i decided that it was time! Welcome to my blog!