Sunday, November 30, 2008

check it out!

i found a cool video on youtube for twilight its on my video bar and its the 2nd
video down!


Last Sunday i went to see twilight with my German, my best friend Bree and her boyfriend Brian. i was expecting alot and at first when i saw it i must admit that i was kinda disappointed but after i had time to think about it I decided that I LOVED IT! Even though my friends didn't feel the same way especially my German who said it was probably the dumbest movie ever! i still loved that movie! at first i did not like boy they chose to play Edward but i must admit as the movie went on he became more handsome! I cant wait til it comes out on video and you better believe i will be there opening night with all the 40 year old ladies (no offense mom) in their twilight shirts to see the next one!

I'm also going to try and read all the books again because they are sooo good! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It Heppened AGAIN!

you all remember the post about Steve Daddy... well my friends it happened AGAIN!! it had been a long long long morning to work and i got to school and was in a rush to get to my class because i had to work so late! Walking towards me is a guy in a white hoodie and hat, he has the little soul patch just like the real Steve Daddy! i get excited to see my uncle so i make a B-line for him give him a playful punch in the arm when i realize this guy is not my uncle! i have never been given such a funny look in my life! So just like last time i said "sorry i thought you were my uncle" then he gave me an even stranger look and walked off! i have come to a few conclusions
1. I need my eyes checked.
2. There are a lot of guys walking around who look like the real Steve Daddy
3. The real Steve Daddy is hiring guys that look like him to run around campus and see how many times he can fool me!
Steve Daddy I'm asking you to please stop hiring those guys to walk around campus! This is getting out of hand! :]