Friday, February 19, 2010

Lets Talk Updates for Twenty Ten...

-STILL haven't moved... For some reason there is a crazy hold up but... We are signing contracts on Monday! :] Cant wait to be roomies with Brit and Em! For now I'm still at the parentals but cant complain to much because I don't pay rent! Muahahaha!

This is the state my room has been in for a week! We were supposed to move last Wednesday... oops false alarm!

If you don't know, we are moving into an older house in Orem. Brittanis parents are going to be our landlords. This house was Brits grandmas but she got to old to be living on her own. This house needed ALOT of work! This is a picture from the beginning of Jan. We went over to go help clean and we were taking down these AWFUL drapes and we found a spider! So we did the only logical thing... Em held the curtain, Brit vacuumed the little beast and I took a picture! Pretty sure I got the good part of the deal!

- Probably my moms LEAST favorite... I have got another piercing. My nose. I wanted it for a while but never seriously considered getting it done. Then Friday January22 I was like hmm maybe I will pierce my nose, and I did. Random I know. Everyone asks, No it didn't hurt. It just made my eyes water! My ears and belly button hurt WAY more!

BAD pic but the point is you can see my nose ring! (:

-I have now been dating my Jake for about 4 months! :] I am really happy at how our relationship is working out. Both of our previous relationships were really routine, same thing every day and neither of us wanted that again. We don't see each other EVERY day, most days but not every day! :] I like that when I say tonight I'm going out with the girls he says mmk I'm gonna do blah blah. He just makes me really happy!

-Hazzle && I have been up to no good! Its a don't ask don't tell situation....

-I Turned 20! It was a really fun birthday! I took the day off work. Went shopping and had a hot date with my Jake that night! He took me up to the gateway and said okay babe where do you wanna go? you can pick what ever you want for your birthday! [: That boy knows the way to my heart! I do love to shop! Then we went to dinner, then went and snuggled and watched a movie!

Ready for my hot date, waiting to go and of course I was on facebook while I was waiting!

Part of my present from Jake! If your thinking holy crap that purse is huge...
That's because it is!

Jake & I doing what we do best... Being RAtards! ;)

... So far so good! :]