Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Holy Freaking Update Batman!

First off let me start by saying that my laptop is RIDICULOUS! It doesn't work for 6 months, I pay some guy to fix it he fixes it IO get it to my house it doesn't work. :( He comes out to my house tries to fix it and cant figure out what the problem is! Then about a week ago I moved and suddenly it works?! I don't get it either... But you wont hear me complain! :]


(again) There were 3 of us in a house in Orem and... Long story short. Emily & I are awesome and Brittani didn't feel the same. (SHE WAS NUTS) So Emily and I moved into an apartment still in Orem called Village Park Apartments. We LOVE our new place! It has central air! For those of you who don't know our last place had NO ac. It was miserable! We would wake up and it would be on average 90 degrees and it never got below 84. It has a pool and Em and I got lucky enough to get on the top floor! No one is above us but moving was a beast! Moving our couch all our beds and dressers up 3 flights of stairs add on our 4 car loads each... Our legs were pretty sore!

This is us moving at midnight!
(yes we were that excited to get away from Brit)

Funny how things work out... Emily is a year older then I am. We both went to Lehi High and we never once talked in school. We both work at Costco and didn't really know each other before we moved in with Brittani. Now shes my best friend and we are probably the funniest girls in the world. :] Glad to have found such a good friend!

Shades! :]


Jake baby!

We have been together for almost 10 months and are just enjoying life! We have had alot of fun this Summer! We tubed the Provo river (a few times) Sooo cold but so fun! we have been hiking and swimming. Just staying up all night and sleeping all day! I love having him there. We have so much fun together and he always keeps me laughing!

Us at Cascade Springs

Till next time... which will be sooner because my computer works! :] :]


Jules said...

Hooray for an update! We love hearing about your adventures- keep them coming!!